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Make Money With Shortening Your Links

February 8, 2013

Everybody loves to share interesting links around the internet with some friends. Mostly the urls you want to share are really long and so your friends cannot remeber them and they also look somehow ugly. Because of this some online services started to offer ways to shorten your long urls.

And it comes even better! You can use paid link shortener services to put your links behind them and you can start to earn with your shared urls. You get paid for people that visit your urls on your websites or any other places your put them. Now to get that running you could use Adfly or maybe Linkbucks.. there are plenty of services out in the web that offer a url shortening service that pays.

Put your links to your webpages, include them inside your video descriptions or just post facebook or blog comments with them. You for sure can use your twitter account too to spread your urls.

This way may take a while depending on your traffic. As you see you need some traffic on your links to make decent money with linkbucks or adfocus. The good thing, nice guys programed helpful tools that will speed up and massively increase your link shortener earnings. The Adfly clicker bot in example is able to push up your traffic stats and with that the money you will earn.

How to exploit adfly

How to exploit adfly

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